Amazon continues to dominate the e-commerce landscape in Germany

According to a study by the German EHI Retail Institute German ecommerce has, like in most Eropean countries, grown exponentially last year during the pandemic. The 1.000 largest online shops and hybrid marketplaces have grown 33% and reached the mark of € 69 billion euros in sales in 2020.

The 10 largest online stores account for about 40% of that sales revenue with Amazon being the dominant shop by far with 13,9 billion euros in revenue. has made more revenue than the other 9 top-10 constituents combined and makes 3 times more revenue than the #2 in Germany It demonstrates the importance and dominance of Amazon in the German (online) economy.

Not only is Amazon the largest online store in general, it also is (by far) the largest marketplace in Germany in 2020. With 35,4 billion euros gross trade volume it outshines its nearest competitors Ebay (with 11,8 billion euro) and (with 5,5 billion euro). 44,8% of the researched companies have an shop profile on Amazon, compared to 36,3% on Ebay and 14,4% on Kaufland’s online marketplace.

It goes to show that Amazon is a force to be reckoned with in the German online environment. And its importance is growing.

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Google – ecommerce enabler, not marketplace

Through it’s existence Google has tried several times to tred the steps of becoming a marketplace. It has never followed through though. Instead it kept it’s focus on being an e-commerce enabler (and does very well at it of course):

Photo by Pawel Czerwinski

“After zigzagging for a few years, Google went back to enabling shopping without having to become a shopping destination. It’s not a competitor to Amazon or any other retailer; however, it competes for shopping attention with all of them. It appears to have given up on businesses selling on Google or shoppers buying on Google – all it wants is for shoppers to start their shopping journey on Google. Because when they do, it has enough shopping sites indexed and willing to buy ads to offer relevant results and monetize them through ads.” – MarketPlace Pulse, Aug, 19 2021

For a nice insight on the steps Google has taken in the years to become a marketplace, read the following article of MarketPlace Pulse: Google Promised a Marketplace but Then Gave Up – Marketplace Pulse – largest Dutch marketplace and growing is not only the largest online store in the Netherlands, it’s also it largest domestic open marketplace. And it’s growing fast! The site as a whole saw a growth of 15 million visitors per month on compared to Q3 last year. This led to a total amount of nearly 13 million active customers.

The amount of selling partners on has grown from 30.616 in April 2020 to 47.550 in September 2021. A growth of 55% in 17 months. And with a steady growth of selling partners on the marketplace, the product range grew with 42 percent in just one year to 38.201.321 products in total. Selling partners now have a revenue share of 58.67%.

The growth of as a marketplace is setting forth. Though the growth seems to be levelling off a bit, there is no doubt that will keep on growing as an important player in the marketplace field in the Netherlands (and Belgium).

For more info (in Dutch) read the report has made on its platform: PlatformMonitor_Q3-2021_Bolcom.pdf